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Welcome To MuliFex

MuliFex is a toolsuite for Blizzard's outstanding game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Here are a couple of the features that we wish to include in MuliFex:

  • Battle.net account and character manager.
  • Automated item manager for the accounts and characters known.
  • Crafting and cubing guide for items owned.
  • Skill and character planner.
  • Open plugin infrastructure for scripts, calculators, etc.

MuliFex is written in Java (with a splash of native C code to interface with Diablo and the operating system). It exclusively employs open source tools and compilers and is mainly a testing ground for the developers to expand their knowledge about these tools. MuliFex will run on the Windows platform as well as on Mac OS X.


2004/02/22 -- Alpha Phase.

  • Added support for muliple installations of Diablo. I still have not found a legitimate way to launch several Diablo instances at the same time but the configurations come in handy if you have several installations (e.g. for different languages) anyway.
  • Introduced automated changelogs, news and switched native robot compilation to gcc (MuliFex now solely uses open source tools).
  • Most of the infrastructure at SourceForge has been set up (including mailing lists, cvs setup, etc.).
  • The most important build tools, libraries and utilities have been included and integrated into the build process.
  • Developer documentation is almost complete. The setup information, tool documentation and several primers are available.
  • The build infrastructure is up an running (powered by Ant).
  • The tools and Ant tasks to build the webpage are up and running (as you can see from the looks of this page :-)).

Latest News



Ant Tools 1.2.0 Released.

Features a completely new ChangeLog GUI editor.



Ant Tools 1.1.9 Released.

Improved checkspace task.



Ant Tools 1.1.8 Released.

Added support for verbatim site pages.

The above table lists the first three news entries. For older news entries please refer to the News Archive.